About TEDxUofT

TEDxUofT is a student-run conference with one mission: To host the best conference at the University of Toronto, and to offer its students, professors, and alumni a platform to share ideas, and to enrich the UofT community.

This mission sets the bar for the undergraduate team to deliver a professional event exceeding all attendee expectations, and to do so at an affordable price.

Roles at TEDxUofT

Chair of TEDxUofT

As Chair of TEDxUofT, I had the opportunity to lead a team of talented students, and to oversee the execution of the conference in its entirety. This experience has not only taught me indispensable leadership & management skills, but has also prepared me to deal with numerous different partners - including corporate & academic sponsors as well as attendees, speakers, and university faculty.

As Chair, I also strategised and supervised all marketing, logistics, speakers, sponsorship and creative teams, forcing me to wear different hats while dealing with unique problems.

Technical Design Director

My role was to elevate our digital and stage experience from previous years. Significant changes included live-steaming the event through 3 cameras, hiring multiple photographers to display their images during intermission times, and creating professional lighting setup in accordance to TEDx requirements.

Digital Marketing Specialist

From designing digital assets for social media and Mailchimp to promotional videos and photos for marketing campaigns, my role as digital marketing specialist was to strategize and manage the release of these assets to ensure that potential ticket buyers and other partners would see the materials.

Produced Media


You can find out more about TEDxUofT here


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